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O Level Statistics Notes by Rafique Akhtar

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  • Grade: O Level
  • Type: Notes
  • Author: Rafique Akhtar

O-Level Statistics has been designed for O Level Additional Mathematics students. It covers latest syllabus 2020 prescribed by CIE . I tried to make  an  attempt  to  present  the  material  in  a  simple,  clear  and straightforward  way.Three  procedures  are  indispensable  in  the  enjoyment  and  success  in  Mathematics: understanding,  memorization  and  practice.The  purpose  of  this  book  is  to  help  the  students  in  doing these. A large number of practice questions from past papers examination has been provided to help the students in learning of step-by-step procedure of problem solving. This will enable students to revise and practice  systematically.  Students  are  urged  to  grapple  with  these  questions  for  acquiring  solid understanding.

Thanks are due to the LACAS family for providing professionaI environment and my colleagues to assist in logical thinking. I acknowledge with thanks the generous cooperation by Mr Aamir Mustafa, Mr Asghar  Hayat,Mr  Qamar  Fayyaz,Mr  Zahid  Amin  and  my  son  Junaid  Rafique.  I regret  any  error  and misprints and pledge to correct these in my next edition.

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Rafique Akhtar Baloch