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O Level Unsolved Topical Past Papers

MS Books have compiled the topical past papers of O Level especially so that the students may not have to go through the whole lot of yearly papers to look up for the relevant questions for the chapter(s) they are studying. This specially helps the students to have a complete grip over one particular chapter and to attempt the questions in every possible way the examiner asks. As these papers are unsolved, this will make them have a better grip of every angle of a particular topic by practicing each question. This  booklet  provides  an  opportunity  to  candidates  to  practice  topic  wise  questions  from previous years to the latest. Extensive working of Team MS Books has tried to take this booklet to perfection by collaborating with top of the line teachers. We  have  added  answer  key  /  marks  scheme  at  the  end  of  each  topic  for  the  candidate  to compare his/her answer to the best. MS Books strives to maintain actual spacing between consecutive questions and within options as per CAIE format, which gives students a more realistic feel of attempting question.

The key feature of unsolved topical past papers with marking scheme compilation is that they are ring binder for the convenience of the students as the booklet is thick and tape binding gets damaged and the book doesn't remain intact. The ring binders make it easy for the students to read & write. Ring binder Students resource pack helps the students to completely turn the page over and read and write on it. The book isn't damaged.We provide the best paper, printing and Inside material quality. With all belief in strength of this students resource material we can confidently claim that our Notes, Unsolved yearly Past Papers and Unsolved topical Past papers are worthy of achieving brilliance.