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Shopping Centre Gujranwala is the oldest department store in Gujranwala. Established in 1971, the store has served 3 generations of customers. The book section in this store is a 1500 sqft of commercial space dedicated to education. It was designed while keeping the needs of students in mind – catering all the must-haves a student should be entitled to during the learning period of their life. The books section of Shopping Centre Gujranwala offers more than 10 thousand different articles for its customers – largest in its class and category.

Main Products
Course books and Helping Books
Past papers and Reference Books
Notebooks and School Supplies
Gifts, Games and Toys
Stationery and Art Material
Uniform and Knitwear

Why Us
Shopping Centre Gujranwala is the best equipped educational resource outlet in Gujranwala. Extensively stocked with the latest books, notes, past papers and supplementary materials of O and A Levels, Shopping Centre Gujranwala is the go to place for students to fulfill their study requirements for compulsory, optional as well as extra subjects. Offering books, stationery, uniform and much more under one roof, Shopping Centre Gujranwala is a one-stop solution for all your educational needs.