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A level Business Notes by Tayyab Elahi

Rs. 2000
  • Grade: A Level
  • Type: Notes
  • Author: Tayyab Elahi

About the author

The  author,  Mr.  Tayyab  Elahi is  a  veteran  teacher with  over  a  decade  of  experience at educating  and  cultivating  success in  students  for O & A-level  business  and  the  life thereafter.  He  has  upskilled  students  to  their  true  potential  at  prestigious  schools like  the Lahore  Grammar  (Phase  1  &  5  campuses),  Keynesian  institute  of  management  & sciences (KIMS), Garrison academy for Cambridge studies (GACS),SICAS, etc, as a visiting member of the faculty. Having worked and lived in London, he has an innovative and diverse approach  to stimulate a learning environment to not just pursue  success but rather have excellence  follow it.


These  revision  notes  have  been  long  overdue  and  been  in  the  works  for  the  past  two  to three years. It is mainly thanks to my loving wife and the kids who have patiently held on to the sight of me being a sleep-deprived laptop zombie. These notes are an amalgamation of the  collective  knowledge  pooled  in  over  the  years  thanks  to  my  inquisitive  students, exemplary resources and most prominently my own teachers who instilled within me a love for knowledge and its practical application.

Key attributes to this book, which not just students but teachers as well might find helpful in achieving the best grades:


  • Specifically written for the O level Business Studies (7115) CAIEs 2019-2021 syllabus.

  • Colour-coded content and reader-friendly infographics enhancing visual memory.

  • Gradual building block learning.

  • Concise yet  comprehensive  definitions constituting  of  all key  terms that  could  get tested.

  • An exemplary guide to “concise writing” expected of O-level business candidates.

  • Mind-maps that your mind will not mind mingling within your mind’s memory. They cling on.

  • Innovative approach to exam preparation.

Even  though  it  is  highly  recommended  that  these  notes  are  used  in  conjunction  with Business textbooks prescribed by your teachers,  these are reliable enough to help you pull through  your  final  days  towards  exam  prep  sessions  as  well  as  to  establish  an  all-round thorough  understanding  of  key  business  concepts  and  how  they  should  be  put  to  practice differently in each of the respective papers; P1& P2.